Funding Missional Innovation

in our Parishes for the

Renewal of Northwestern Ohio and the World

Spirit of the Grant

Make disciples who recognize the needs of their community and are encouraged to respond with creativity and a passion to serve.

Equip leaders with the resources to be imaginative in outreach within evolving public health guidelines.  

Strengthen parishes through original projects that reach beyond our church buildings and address the needs of our community in this time.  

Launch new and adaptable ways for the people of Northwestern Ohio to be in community.  

All applicants should

imagine the needs of their community

through these four lenses.

The Call

Being the church in this time provides a new opportunity to use our creativity to share the Good News with our communities. As people of faith we are called into mission, defined by hope and tenacity, to support our neighbor and be of service to each other. In a time where we are tempted to turn inward, the spirit of our mission calls us to reach out. In recognition of the Year of Mission 2020, the Northwestern Ohio Synod is excited to provide microgrants for up to $1500 to support and equip innovative projects for the renewal of Northwestern Ohio and the world.

The Purpose

These microgrants are intended to offer support and resources to individuals, congregations and organizations with the desire to engage in an original community-based project that uniquely meets a need of their community, encourages social engagement and furthers the gospel. These grants are not intended to sustain current outreach, but rather to plant new and needed engagement with the community in this moment. Funding may be used to assist a currently operating program to innovate and meet an identified need in a new and creative way. Applications should take into consideration current public health guidelines. 


Any congregation, individual or community organization that is in relationship with a faith community in Northwestern Ohio is welcome to develop a proposal, either independently, or in partnership with other individuals or ministries. 

Food Insecurity and Poverty

The past several months have exacerbated the effects of injustices such as food deserts and economic inequality in our communities. Christ calls us to feed, clothe, welcome, visit and walk with our neighbor. How do we participate in God’s mission to care for our neighbor and fix unjust systems?

Mental Health

Christ calls us to life abundantly. Supporting the mental health of our people is crucial. How do we help folks live life abundantly right now?

Youth and Families

Equipping leaders begins with empowering young people to learn and grow. What are the needs of the young people in your context? How should the church be enriching the youngest minds, bodies and souls who live in our communities? 

Community Endurance

We are in the middle of running the race set before us. What is the race being run in your community? What support does your community need to endure? How do we look beyond the walls of our parishes to care for all of our people?


For non-digital application accommodations, email

Cooperative Funding Structure

The Renewal Fund has been formed through a collaborative effort. Personal contributions have been made by Synod Staff and Council, Synod resources have been allocated by Synod Council, and congregations and individual donors have joined in the generosity. We will continue to award funds as long as resources allow. Please join us in this generosity!