Report Concerns about a Minister’s Ethical/Professional Conduct, or Misconduct

This form is intended to report concerns regarding a Rostered Minister (a pastor or deacon) or a Synodically Authorized Minister.

The Northwestern Ohio Synod takes seriously the standards, responsibilities, and disciplinary guidelines established for Rostered Ministers of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

The basic standards, responsibilities, and disciplinary guidelines for Rostered Ministers are set forth in the ELCA’s Constitution, Bylaws, and Continuing Resolutions, and the established policies and procedures of this Church.

Gross misconduct has been outlined in Definitions and Guidelines for Discipline which may be located here:

In addition, the ELCA has also set forth in our governing documents, basic standards for ministers, and responsibilities for ministers (letter of call), which can be located here:

If you believe that a Rostered Minister (pastor or deacon) or Synodically Authorized Minister has violated Definitions and Guidelines for Discipline; and/or has not uphold the basic standards for ministers; and/or has not fulfilled their responsibilities/letter of call, please complete this form to report your concerns.

Please note that some congregations use the term “deacon” to describe some members of the congregation’s council. For concerns regarding a “deacon” of the congregation’s council, please contact the congregation’s lay and rostered leadership. If you are unsure, please submit this form and synod staff will be able to inform you if the “deacon” is a Rostered Minister on the roster of the ELCA and subject to the synod’s inquiry process.

Please complete this form as thoroughly as possible. You may submit this online or download/print/and mail. Please note that online submission will allow synod staff to receive the concerns quicker.