Synod Council

The Northwestern Ohio Synod Council is the board of directors of this synod and serves as its interim legislative authority between meetings of the synod assembly. Members of the Synod Council are elected at the annual Synod Assembly. Each member serves a term of three years, and may be reelected once.

Bishop Daniel Beaudoin, President


Melissa Peper Firestone, Vice President


Becky Seibert, Secretary


Philip Koenig, Treasurer


Mary Boals
(2022, 1st term Maumee Valley Conf. Lay)


Casey Cox
(2020; 1st term – Central Conf., Lay)


Rev. Mindy Elliot
(2020; 1st term – Maumee Valley Conf., RM)


Brent Gardner
(2020, 1st term – At-Large Lay)


Cindy Harris
(2022; 1st term – At-Large Lay)


Rev. Chris Hanley
(2021; 1st term – Toledo Conf. RM)


Rev. Ann Marshall
(2020, 1st term – Eastern Conf. RM)


Cindy Milbry
(2022; 1st term – At-large Minority)

Deb Noll
(2020; 2nd term – Southeastern Conf., Lay)


Rev. Steve Ramsey
(2022; 1st term – Central Conf., RM)


Thomas Ritter
(2020; 1st term – Toledo Conf., Lay)


Rev. Jarrod Schaaf
(2021; 1st term – Southeastern Conf., RM)


Michelle Schaffer
(2022; 1st term – Eastern Conf., Lay)


Jari Knowlton Simard
(2022; 1st term – At-Large, Youth)


North Central Lay
Vacant, for Assembly Election 2021-23


North Central RM
Vacant, for Assembly Election 2021-23


Southwest RM
Vacant, for Assembly Election 2021-23


Southwest Lay
(The SW Conf. ministers have lifed up a nominee to fill the vacency to be approved at the next council meeting.) 2022

Synod Council Minutes