2022 - Year of Vision

And the one who was seated on the throne said, "See, I am making all things new." - Revelation 21:5a

The Book of Revelation “All Things New”

Study Resources

Lesson One:

How to Read Biblical Poetry: Apocalyptic Literature (video 6:58)

Lesson Two:

How Martin Luther King Went Off Script in ‘I Have a Dream’ (video 4:12)

Lesson Three:

CHINA: Worst Persecution in 40 Years (video 26:48)

“How Can It Be” by Lauren Daigle (video 4:10)

Lesson Four:

The Rapture Exposed: The Message of Hope in the Book of Revelation, by: Barbara Rossing

Heaven and Earth (video 6:43)

Canticle of the Turning by A New Community Church (video 3:44)

Lesson Five:

Jack & Jill 2019 Champions – Benji Schwimmer & Cameo Cross (video 4:14)

Lesson Six:

The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolan

Presbyterians for Earth Care 2021 Lenten Devotional

Lutherans Restoring Creation

The Leaves of the Tree Are for the Healing of the Nations Prayer Liturgy (PDF)

Article for children: What are Climate Refugees?

Lowland Kids Documentary

Bethlehem Besieged: Stories of Hope in Times of Trouble by Rev. Mitri Raheb

Lesson Seven:

Loving First Cycle (PDF)

Listening Audit (How-To) (PDF)

People Mapping Exercise (PDF)

21st Century Christian: Following Jesus Where Life Happens by Michael Moynagh and Michael Adam Beck

Deep Roots, Wild Branches: Revitalizing the Church in the Blended Ecology by Michael Adam Beck

Blended Ecology (Both/And Church) Podcast Episode

Tree of Life: Celtic Prayers to the Universal Christ by Ray Simpson