“We are called to be Jesus in the very places we live, work and hang out…I want to be a part of the movement that unleashes the power of the Holy Spirit through each and every Jesus-follower to bring light and love into the community in the places and with the people whom I rub elbows with in everyday life. This is a hurting world with lots of hurting people.” -Deacon Sherry Krieger

The beautiful story of the birth of Jesus—into an ordinary family, in the most mundane setting—demonstrates to us the importance of proximity to the lived experience of our neighbor as a space that is sacred. The intimacy of the Christmas story is that God came to eat, mourn, heal and rub elbows with us. This is both Good News for us and our neighbor, and a model of how to love those beyond the walls of our church in a deeply incarnational way as we walk together with Jesus, On the Way.

On the Way is a movement that seeks everyday opportunities to connect with our neighbors who are currently not connected to any faith community. This is a movement of new relationships formed in the ordinary sacred spaces that exist beyond our church walls, where Jesus dwells and welcomes us all to witness, worship, and walk together On the Way, for the renewal of Northwestern Ohio and the world.