“First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you…” (Romans 1:8a).

Sunday’s morning drive was a short drive from our home in Luckey to Sonfire by the River in Pemberville to lead worship. I make it a practice on Sunday mornings to drive in silence. No news. No music. No podcasts. No audio books. Just God’s peaceful stillness and the beauty of God’s creation. I have the opportunity to drive throughout Northwestern Ohio, and this is a beautiful place to live and serve.

In the quiet of Sunday’s drive, I thought about and prayed for you. I prayed that yours would be a blessed morning. Preaching or hearing. Teaching or learning. Consecrating or receiving. Praying, serving, or witnessing.

There are some Sunday morning’s when my “driving prayer” is a simple prayer of thanksgiving. A prayer that is similar to the prayers of thanksgiving that St. Paul offers in many of his letters, including the Letter to the Romans (1:8-15).

Please know that I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as your bishop. And I am grateful for the opportunity to not only drive, but to walk these roads together.

A blessed Thanksgiving to you and to all those who are dear to you.