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Northwestern Ohio Synod

The following resources are available on our website to assist congregations in the Northwestern Ohio Synod as they live their mission in Christ.

Supply Pastors

The recommended honorarium for one worship service is $150 plus mileage according to the latest IRS accepted rate. For additional services, scheduled within three (3) to four (4) hours of the conclusion of the initial worship service, whether at the same congregation or at another, as in two-point parishes, an additional $50 per service should be paid plus any additional mileage. If needed, expenses for lodging and meals are to be paid by the congregation at the reimbursable rate agreed upon between the pastor and the congregation.


Congregational Resource Team

Helping your Congregation gain a vision for itself for ministry and mission

Congregational Constitution Resources

Every congregation should have an updated constitution in line with the ELCA Model Constitution.  Please use the resources below as a guide and call the synod office if you have questions.   The NWOS Constitutions Committee is a resource as congregations are in the process of updating their constitution, and the Synod Council must approve each congregational constitution once it is ratified at a legal congregational meeting.  Contact the Synod Office for more information and questions:  419.423.3664.

Congregational Remittance Form


Just a quick reminder that when submitting a check from the congregation to the Synod Office it must be accompanied by a Congregational Remittance Form. The checks are picked up from a PO Box and the bank deposits them immediately. When you send in a check without the Remittance Form, the bank returns the checks to us, so it is imperative to always include the Remittance Form.

Checks and forms should be sent to NWOS-ELCA, PO Box 981, Findlay, OH 45839. Please do NOT send checks to the office at 621 Bright Road.


2018 Congregational Remittance Form (PDF Fillable)PDF-Icon

2018 Congregational Remittance Form (Printer Friendly)PDF-Icon

Sexual Misconduct Policy


The Northwestern Ohio Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is committed to preventing sexual misconduct within its member congregations and all other ministry settings. Such settings need to be safe places for all.

The intent of this document is to establish guidelines for dealing with allegations of sexual misconduct by rostered leaders on the ELCA roster of the Northwestern Ohio Synod. If allegations of sexual misconduct are reported  to the Northwestern Ohio Synod Office of the Bishop, this document outlines the process that is used to review such complaints. Because each case of sexual misconduct brings with it individual circumstances, the Bishop re­serves the right to modify this process as necessary for the resolution of each case, The process begins with a report of the alleged sexual misconduct to the Bishop or a representative of the Bishop, as well as the subsequent steps involved in the investigation of the alleged misconduct, including dealing with the aftermath of such allega­tions and the ensuing results of the allegations with the applicable ministry setting.


Compensation Guidelines

A calling implies mutuality between those rostered people being called and the agency or congregation issuing the call. This mutuality means that congregations and other ministry sites are to live for the wellbeing of the rostered leaders that they call, and rostered leaders are to live for the wellbeing of the communities into which they are called, so that together we might live in Christ as mission-centers, with mission-centered congregations. We in turn get to participate in making Christ known in our lives together, making Christ known in our communities, and making Christ known in the world.

Covenant of Conduct


An agreement between members and council members on processing opinions, facts, and complaints.

Covenant of Conduct

Congregational Call Process


The Northwestern Ohio Synod walks hand in hand with a congregation during the call process from the time of a pastor’s announcement of resignation or retirement to the extension of a call to a new pastor. We conduct exit interviews with the pastor and council; we meet with the council to explain the call process and manual, and we meet with call committees to explain their role and offer help with interviewing. We search for pastors who have gifts that match the gifts sought and needed by the congregations. We’re available to answer questions at all times.

The synod not only guides the congregation through the process in the above ways, but seeks to provide appropriate care in the absence of a pastor through interims and vacancy, supply, and vice pastors.

You may see a list of congregations currently in transition on the Resources for Leaders page.

If you are a congregation in the Call Process, please download the call process packet below.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email Jenn Prueter at Jennifer.Prueter@nwos-elca.og or call at 419-423-3664.

Call Process Packet


Office of the Secretary

The Office of the Secretary resources page on contains copies of the model constitution for congregations, information on records preservation and management, governance and policy, insurance information and forms, some synod forms, and more.



Augsburg Fortress
The ministry of publishing within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Book of Faith Initiative
A grass-roots approach embracing a common vision in which all are invited to open scripture and join the conversation. Resources
Resources for all ELCA programs and ministries.

Rostered Leader Resources