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Messages from the Bishop

Periodical Bishop Beaudoin writes about topics that God has laid on his heart.  These writings may be tied to a current event or a current emphasis of the day.  Either way these writings are often timeless in their Biblical truth and value as a tool of spiritual growth.

Bible Studies

Reading Guides

One of the great gifts of the Protestant Reformation was a renewed emphasis on God’s transformational grace, and the word transformational is fitting. The Protestant Reformation was a transformational event, which caused a seismic shift in Western Civilization. In the book, Brand Luther: 1517, Printing, and the Making of the Reformation, Dr. Andrew Pettegree captures the spirit of the Protestant Reformation by focusing on the transformation that occurred in 4 related areas:

  • The transformation of Martin Luther, from unknown monk to Europe’s bestselling author – ever.
  • The transformation of the printing industry.
  • The transformation of book production and marketing.
  • The transformation of the town of Wittenberg.

“Brand Luther” – A Reading Guide