A gathering of spiritual leaders who desire to practice healthier ways to serve the church.

Save the Dates:

August 22-Sept. 22. A 5-week class online that will help us conceptualize how we can do “church” and support one another in these difficult times as we listen for God’s wisdom.

October 5-7 A hybrid in-person/online retreat at Dunrovin Retreat Center, Stillwater, MN (or your own favorite retreat location via the internet.)

What? We invite you to join our spiritual community of servant leaders online as we discuss, study, and ponder together “How can we thrive as spiritual leaders while serving the declining nostalgic church?”

Who? Leaders from the MICAH (Minnesota Institute of Contemplation and Healing) are partnering with local prayer groups and spiritual leaders who serve in the church or who have left the church but are all looking for ways to experience God’s wisdom and discernment through a spiritual community. How to Register? Registration will open July 1. You can email Pastor Melodi Hagen at pstrtrinitymoulton@gmail.com or call 419-738-6547 at Trinity Lutheran Church, Wapakoneta, OH to answer any further questions. (More info. on the back)

When are the live class sessions for the 5-week course? We will offer an online discussion and prayer time once a week either Tuesday at Noon Central time or Thursday at 7pm Central time. (You pick which time works better for your schedule each week and if you miss a week everything is recorded online for you to view.) In addition to the online meetings, all course materials will be posted online for you to work at your own pace.

Who comes to the prayer retreat October 5-7? Anyone who has participated in the online course will be invited to the prayer retreat October 5-7 at the Dunrovin Christian Brothers Retreat Center in Stillwater, MN (www.dunrovin.org) The first 20 people to register will have a room at the Dunrovin retreat center. You may also choose to have your own prayer group participate with us via the internet from your own home or favorite retreat location.

What if I don’t have a prayer group? We encourage everyone to participate in the prayer retreat with a group either at Dunrovin or you are welcome to join groups meeting in Ohio at our two different locations: Toledo, OH or Wapakoneta, OH. When you register, please let us know if you will be joining us at Dunrovin, your home prayer group site, or from another retreat location nearby. All you need is to invite two or three people and you have your prayer group to listen and discern with.

Cost? $250 covers the online course, retreat, and facilitators at the local retreat centers. Meals and travel are not included. We do have scholarships available, so please let us know how we can help. Our hope is that no one is left out due to financial concerns.

Overview of the 5 Week Course: August 22-September 22

We will learn together systems theory and how it applies to our current church structures, discernment practices, the monastic model of church, and an overview of a model of ministry that can serve the nostalgic declining church and also give space for what new things God is creating in your personal life and spiritual community.

Overview of the Retreat: October 5 1pm – 7 Noon.

Discussion topics: What new wisdom have we gained together as we listened for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and studied healthy practices while living in challenging systems? As servant leaders, how might we model for our faith communities healthy spiritual practices? And finally, How might we equip one another to serve the nostalgic church in healthier ways? There will be time each day for different spiritual practices like nature hikes, bike riding, art, and optional break out groups available in person or online as well. God is doing a new thing in our lives every day, but sometimes we need a spiritual community to help us see it. We hope you will join our spiritual community so we can see God through you!