Called to serve the Northwestern Ohio Synod (NWOS) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), the Director for Community Engagement (Director for Evangelical Mission) seeks to inspire and teach ELCA followers of Jesus to engage their neighborhoods and surrounding community in ways that live out Jesus’ message of love that builds and deepens relationships, serves the vulnerable, witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus, and creates an environment of care, compassion and community. 

As such, this individual engages synodical leaders, structures, and strategies in the formation and development of Congregational Vitality: ‘Communities of Jesus that nurture life-changing relationships with God, one another and the world,’ and reflects the purposes, principles and commitments of the NWOS, DM, and the ELCA as a whole. 

This individual will oversee and coordinate three synodical initiatives:

1. Community Engagement / Congregational Vitality

2. Generosity / Stewardship / Mission Support

3. Alignment with Future Directions 2025 (

This individual is expected to fully participate in the life and ministry of the NWOS as a member of the synod staff (including all staff meetings and retreats), synod initiatives, and is responsible for implementing and building upon NWOS and ELCA commitments to ethnic-specific communities, communities of color, the young adult population, as well as people and communities experiencing poverty. This person is responsible for coordinating, implementing, and equipping the NWOS, congregations, and leaders in the areas of justice ministries and intentional, inclusive communities. This person participates in resourcing the synod mission strategy with an emphasis on congregational vitality and community engagement

This position is co-terminus with the Synod Bishop’s term, is called by the Synod Council of the NWOS, and supervised by the Bishop. Other assignments may be made by the Director, DEM Relationships in consultation with the NWOS Bishop. This individual will participate in quarterly relator conference calls for intentional conversation. This full-time position will be based in the NWOS and will serve as a living representation of the interdependent nature of the ELCA.

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