Sexual Misconduct Policy


The Northwestern Ohio Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is committed to preventing sexual misconduct within its member congregations and all other ministry settings. Such settings need to be safe places for all.

The intent of this document is to establish guidelines for dealing with allegations of sexual misconduct by rostered leaders on the ELCA roster of the Northwestern Ohio Synod. If allegations of sexual misconduct are reported  to the Northwestern Ohio Synod Office of the Bishop, this document outlines the process that is used to review such complaints. Because each case of sexual misconduct brings with it individual circumstances, the Bishop re­serves the right to modify this process as necessary for the resolution of each case, The process begins with a report of the alleged sexual misconduct to the Bishop or a representative of the Bishop, as well as the subsequent steps involved in the investigation of the alleged misconduct, including dealing with the aftermath of such allega­tions and the ensuing results of the allegations with the applicable ministry setting.